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Advisory: We can assure you that the poor quality of some of the images below does not do justice to the quality of the actual artwork.

This is due to having to rely in some instances upon the limited photographic scanning available in Malawi.

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Malawian Man
Malawian Woman
Woman from Malawi
Beautiful Woman
Silence & Grace
Gentleman in Tie
Afri Conscious
Brave Child
Sikh Guru
Mother By William Mwale
Mother by William Mwale
A 90th Celebration Portrait
A Special Wedding Anniversary
Special Friends and Colleagues VSO
Universal Radiance by Sudi Mwale
Portrait - Pencil on Paper
Sudi Mwale 01
Old Man by William Mwale
Boy with Tyre by William Mwale
Wild Dog by William Mwale
Lion by William Mwale
Majestic Elephant
Mother and daughter by Himba
Father and Son by William Mwale
Young Boy by William Mwale
Baby by William Mwale
Old Woman by William Mwale

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